Hey, surprise!

" Happy birthday Qila "

Those three words, always keep me smiling. Thank you for all the wishes.
May Allah bless you always :)

So typically, on this joyous day, everyone would expect some birthday cakes, lot of foods, confetti everywhere, balloons, birthday gifts and some birthday shout out or texts flooding the Facebook wall and inbox. Yup, most of us would expect that on our birthday, including me - but what matter the most on my birthday is that people do remember me. I don't actually expect people to buy me gift or cake or anything, just a short wish will do. 

You don't need to buy me cake or celebrate my birthday, taking me out to dinner and stuff, no need to trouble yourself, if you remember and wish it, it already mean the world to me! And today, even after four days since my birthday, they still celebrating it, making me feel so special and touched. I wasn't expect that they would buy me some cake and surprise me while I was waiting for my car to be done, seriously guys, I don't have a clue, at all. And even the boy from the car wash wish me a happy birthday when he saw me holding a box of cake. How wonderful is today aite? Haha.

I was touched and happy at the same time, thanks for the million times guys XD

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