I once read about a rape case somewhere on the internet.
And the comments was surprisingly shocking!

I mean, we're living in the year of high tech and stuff, kononnya kita dah maju but when I read the comments, I was so surprised. Like seriously? The women had been rape and had been forced to be a sex slave and most of these men commented that she was stupid, she had been a disgrace to her family, that she actually enjoy it that's why she kept it a secret for a long time. Like seriously people? She was raped and it's so tragic. But these men said that it was her fault? That if she didn't been such a slut, she wouldn't be the target. That she ask for it. Like seriously? Who want to be rape? Tell me. Who? Well, I'm not shocked with all these hate comments but what shocked me out is that there are still people with this kind of mentality. She was raped. It's not like she want it to happen aite? So, the family members, friends and people around her shouldn't put the blame on her. She has go through one bad experience and the family and friends should just be there for her. Give her support, don't be ashamed. If you're, try to be in her shoes instead. She's the one who keep getting the flashback about all those dark experience. And the men, try imagining if one of your family members got raped and forced to be a sex slave for 2-3 months. Got forced to do sex more than 2 times. Try to be in her shoes, you think it's funny? No. 

Damn I am mad. I am so mad reading all those comments. 
I hope my brothers and dad didn't think that way.

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